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Employee communications toolkit for employers
with Cigna

Help your team get the mental health support they need. You can use these resources to easily promote Headspace Care to your employees who have a Cigna health plan.

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The toolkit includes:
  • Introduction — how easy access to mental health support benefits your employees with Cigna.
  • Flyer — overview of Headspace Care including steps to sign up and get immediate mental health support.
  • Leadership announcement — a sample email leaders can use to introduce Headspace Care to employees with Cigna.
  • Intranet content and banner — content, talking points, social shares, plus a digital banner to use on your company intranet or wellness site.

To learn more, contact your Cigna account representative. You can also visit to learn more about Headspace Care for Cigna members.


“96% of CEOs think they are doing enough for employee mental health, yet only 69% of employees agree.”

- 2021 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health Report

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Curious how Headspace Care can help?

Our third annual Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health report explores how employee and CEO perceptions differ when it comes to emotional and mental health in the workplace.